Neo Kyma’s speech at Volt Europa GA21

Nicoletta Christodoulou, part of the Neo Kyma Coordinating Committee, addressed the Volt Europa GA21.

“I am very happy to be part of this meeting. I am a member of the coordinating committee of the Neo Kyma the other Cyprus. I am really glad about our recent agreement for cooperation with Volt Europa and eventually to set the ground for Neo Kyma to become Volt Cyprus. Let me tell you a few words about who we are. Neo Kyma is a social-political movement we share common values and goals with Volt Europa. We want a united strong Europe and a United Cyprus.

There are many political parties in Cyprus with long traditions and established views and perspectives in politics and mainly on the Cyprus problem. We, at Neo Kyma bring a new, fresh perspective and want to give chances and opportunities to the youth, to young people to have their voices heard, to participate in the new era of change, and lead to a better Cyprus and to an empowered, united Europe.

We stand for:

  • Change
  • Innovation
  • Economic progress
  • Citizen empowerment
  • Equal rights and gender equality
    pro-environment and sustainability (we have ecological, environmental concerns and aim toward being part of the discussions for climate change)
  • Green economy
  • Blue economy
  • Digitalization

We are also striving for innovative, alternative education that pays attention to the human being and its whole development and empowerment.

Our immediate goal for Neo Kyma Cyprus is to participate in the next presidential elections in 2023 with our own candidate and with your support. Our next goal is to participate in the European parliamentary elections in 2024 as Volt Cyprus at that time”.

Watch the video here:

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