Challenges to Green Progress – Green Deal in Cyprus

The key points of the presentation of Dr. Michalis Iereides* in the Cyprus Forum that took place on the 3rd October 2020.

  • The Fragmentation of responsibilities in the Government Sector leads to practically no accountability making progress erratic and slow.
  • ONE STOP SHOP is still wishful thinking – we want more shops in more sectors of the economy
  • With reference to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), last year Cyprus came last of the EU countries and most probably will come last again in 2020. One of the impediments is lack of cooperation between the Government and Private Sectors.
  • SDG Goal 17 is partnerships for civil society and NGOs. The Government must support financially the NGOs so that they can collaborate and play the role of watchdog effectively!
  • The Green Deal is effectively the implementation of a Circular Economy. A circular economy is an economic system of closed loops in which raw materials, components and products lose their value as little as possible, renewable energy sources are used and systems thinking is at the core.
  • The word Waste is banned from our vocabulary.
  • We support the temporary transition to Natural Gas only as a stepping-stone to a 100 % Renewable Energy Market!
  • We advocate the introduction of BIOGAS from “waste” material.
  • We wish to see funding for Start-ups especially for young entrepreneurs in all aspects of the Green and Blue Economy (Blue is marine and maritime sectors). For example, there is much in the field of recycling plastics.
  • Introduction of a First Use Tax for plastics and a discount for using Recycled plastics.
  • Circular Opportunities in purchasing and using farming equipment by groups of farmers in collaboration rather than single use. This will be helped by Collaborative Institutions locally.
  • Creation of a Green Fund right now! It is inadmissible that money paid for plastic bags stays in the supermarkets and is NOT used to promote environmental actions!

*Dr. Michalis Iereides is a Biologist, General Secretary of Cymepa and Coordinator of the Environmental Committee of “New Wave – The Other Cyprus”.